Locust Valley student artists explain their processes to classmates

Throughout January, four Locust Valley High School art students held International Baccalaureate Art Talks to showcase their works and inspire their peers.

Seniors Kyle Brown, Ana Cordero, William Koch and Isabella Uber each set up some of their favorite pieces they created for the IB program and explained the inspirations and processes of putting them together to classes throughout the day.

Works varied from drawings and paintings to clay sculptures and clothing items. Each art talk also gave the students an opportunity to prepare for their gallery, which they will prepare the for end of year IB project.

“It is always wonderful when I see the IB Visual Arts students showcasing their artwork, research and hard work,” art teacher Melanie Mooney said. “The student becomes the teacher and they describe their process, journey and storytelling of their artwork. I am extremely proud of these students who metamorphosized into thought-provoking and forward-thinking artists.”