Schools Celebrate Reading and Bring a Parent to Lunch Weeks

Prior to the winter recess, students celebrated Bring a Grown-Up to Lunch Week and Pick a Reading Partner Week from Feb. 12-16 in Bayville and Locust Valley, respectively. At Bayville Intermediate School, students welcomed their parents to the lunchroom to meet their friends and see them do a skill showcase near the end of the period. Parents brought in treats for their children and their friends to enjoy a special lunch together.

Students at Locust Valley Intermediate School welcomed parents to come in and read short stories to them in the week before the break as part of the Pick a Reading Partner Week. The program encourages partners such as parents/guardians, grandparents, siblings, cousins and friends to read with a child for 20 minutes daily. Reading partners read books such as “Meet the Dogs of Bedlam Farm” by Jon Katz, “A Map of the World” by Kao Kalia Yang and “A Walk in the Words” by Hudson Talbott.