Bayville Primary School teachers Christine Cornella and Janice Miraglia greet new pre-K students.

The Locust Valley Central School District welcomed pre-kindergarten students into Ann MacArthur Primary School and Bayville Primary school on Jan. 9, as the district opened the doors to its new full day universal pre-K program.

Upon arrival on the first day at Ann MacArthur, students and their families were greeted with balloons from the Locust Valley Elementary Parents Council and the smiling faces of staff members. Similarly, at Bayville Primary School, Mrs. Miraglia waved pink pom poms and greeted arriving students as they entered the school for the first time.

“The first day was absolutely spectacular,” Ann MacArthur Principal Kurt Simon said. “We’re so excited to see these new students walk through the doors for the first time. It exceeded all our expectations.”

The program was designed to provide students with play-based, developmentally appropriate learning activities aligned with the Next Generation Early Learning Standards to prepare them for kindergarten. Their days will include calendar activities, center time (dramatic play, blocks and building, creative arts, sensory science and discovery, writing and math), circle time, quiet time, lunch time, small group time, free play time, snack time, and art, music, physical education and library experiences.